Jump ShipHiring the best employees is only half the battle. Retaining them is the other half. You may ask yourself what is the point in recruiting the very best in staff and then developing them and honing their abilities, if they then go and jump ship for a career opportunity elsewhere.

This business quandary is something that we here at Recruit & Retain will be able to help you with, backed by our years of experience and our ethos of helping you to recruit, develop and retain valued members of your team.

Hidden ProblemsWe have a number of tools and workshops that have been specifically designed to help you to identify any potential issues with retention that may be lurking unseen within your company’s procedures.

Via our analysis we’ll be able to help you to bring the ‘unspoken’ into focus, and then advise you on the best ways to take action in dealing with what we identify.

We’ll help you to increase your employee retention levels

The information we provide will allow your business to make the internal adjustments necessary to increase your levels of employee engagement and trust. This will lead to better levels of employee retention, which in turn will improve productivity and profitability. We understand all too well how devastating it can be to your business when a valued and highly-effective member of the team announces they are off to explore new pastures.

Work with us, and we’ll help you to work out how well you are doing as an employer. How efficient is your internal customer experience? How could you be doing things in order to better perform? How could you even exceed customer expectations?

If your core purpose as a business is clear, and you can provide the right culture, then your employees may even rave about you as an employer. This in turn leads to increased levels of staff retention and even eases the recruitment process, which in turn improves productivity and profitability.

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What does employee retention involve?

Employee engagement

Conducting an engagement survey can be a very effective way of uncovering trends that could be hampering your ability to retain. We work with you to bring these out into the open and create practical action plans to remedy.

employee retention strategies

Exit interviews

If a valued employee does choose to leave you, you can gain valuable insight by learning their reasons for doing so. What you learn could become a driver for organisational improvement.

what is employee retention2

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Denise Callaghan

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“We work by taking the tried and trusted processes used by large, successful corporations and implementing them in a practical way that suits small-to-medium-sized Trade businesses. Our solutions must deliver financial return for our clients for us to feel satisfied that we’ve achieved our aim.”

— Alison Warner

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One of our core principles is to make a sustainable impact to communities in need. We support several charities in the developing world and as our business grows so does that level of support. We do this via financial donations and by passing on skills and knowledge to generate greater independence.

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