Evolve and Grow Coaching help business owners to manage the stress that comes with being self employed. Their ‘Build & Grow’ programme has been designed to help Trade businesses deal with excess demand and transition to taking a step back from the tools.

Alison Warner, Director for Evolve and Grow Coaching, set up the company in 2010, with the main aim to help small businesses to grow and deal with the mental challenges and stresses that come with increased workload.

Since then, Evolve and Grow have helped hundreds of companies, in particular through their ‘Build & Grow’ programme.

Dubbed ‘The Trades’ Coach’, Alison has provided extensive support to trade and construction businesses through difficult times over the last 6 months. This has been done through delivering emergency support clinics, webinars and 1- 1 support throughout the currently very tough economic climate.

“We work by taking the tried and trusted processes used by large, successful corporations and implementing them in a practical way that suits small-to-medium-sized Trade businesses”

The “Build & Grow’ programme tackles the below 5 points:

  • Business plan
  • Understanding your strengths
  • Implementing systems and processes
  • Love your customer
  • Develop and delegate

If you are a self employed Tradesperson, who is looking to take a step back and manage your business rather than be on the tools, or if you need some advice how to make your business more manageable, you can contact Alison and Evolve and Grow here:


You can buy the Amazon best seller, ‘How to go from Tradesperson to Managing Director in the Construction and Trade Industries’ here.

Alison will be on The Clive Holland Show, talking about mental health and Evolve and Grow on Wednesday 28th October 2020. Tune in from 1pm or listen On Demand here.