Tradespeople in the UK are less optimistic about the year ahead than their antipodean counterparts, according to recent research from Tradify. While most UK tradespeople believe that general business conditions will improve over the year, 13% believe things will get worse — more than triple when compared to Australian trade business owners.*

Michael Steckler CEO at Tradify, spoke to The Trades Coach, Alison Warner, on the Evolve and Grow podcast about the findings of Tradify’s Pulse Report which looks at both the challenges and opportunities facing the trades’ industry in 2021. The views of more than 400 tradespeople were canvassed, giving a unique perspective into the sector.

Trade businesses less than a year old are the least optimistic about the future with only 40% thinking things will improve over the year, while older businesses (10 years +) have a much more positive outlook (60%). In other findings, top priorities for trades in 2021 are managing staff better, finding new work and growing their business.

Mr Steckler also spoke about the rise in consumer expectations and the urgent need for trades to increase their digital presence, incorporating for example app-based and video technology.

Michael Steckler CEO at Tradify said:

“UK tradespeople already work hard but going digital would help them work smarter too, so they are best placed to achieve their desired business and personal goals in 2021 and beyond. Pen and paper just won’t cut it. Whether you’re a sole trader or a team of twenty – getting your job management process sorted will help keep your business running efficiently. Now is a great time for UK tradespeople to get serious about using digital tools, so they can get their nights and weekends back and drive their business forward.”

The Evolve and Grow podcast, hosted by the UK’s leading business coach for Trades, Alison Warner, features leaders and guests from across the Trades and Construction Industry and has proved to be a real hit for businesses.

Alison, commented

“It was fascinating to hear Michael’s insights and the outlook for trades businesses across the globe.  I believe this really is a watershed moment for trades to embrace and adopt the right technology to drive their business forwards. 

The Evolve and Grow podcast was launched to give listeners actionable advice to take away and improve their business and I am extremely grateful to Michael for doing exactly that!“

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