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We’re delighted to say that we have helped many businesses via the services we provide at Evolve and Grow Coaching – and we can prove it too! If you have a moment, please read through a few of the testimonials we have received from the companies we have helped to improve.

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We have just completed a recruitment process to employ our latest team member and this is a testimonial for Alison Warner.

We shortlisted 3 candidates for final interview having completed profiling that was specifically tailored to our company and the job role; then prior to the day Alison prepared specific questions to ask our candidates in the interview.

Alison completed the interviews on my behalf, and I am so glad she did because I would have made an emotional decision, not a factual one – whilst I had 1 candidate that I expected to be “the one” by the time the interviews had concluded it was clear that I had based my original thoughts on emotion and had no evidence to back this up.

By asking competency based questions, Alison managed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and it was interesting to see how this identified not just technical abilities but also the candidates personal character traits.

All candidates complemented us on the quality of the interview process, and how engaged they felt because it was not about us trying to hire anyone, they were clear that we wanted someone who is going to love what they do and therefore be with us for the long term.

The entire cycle from start to finish was of such a high standard, and having been involved in recruitment projects in the corporate world for over 10 years, I can honestly say that it is by far and away the most comprehensive and one which has identified a candidate that I never thought we would be able to attract.

If you are thinking of employing someone, then quite frankly, I think you would be mad to do the interviews yourself, there is no way I could have done what Alison did and if I had done it myself I would have hired the wring person.

Thank you Alison, you were amazing through this project and I now cannot wait for you to be involved again for the next vacancy we have planned.

Nathan Kelsey 

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When I first started my electrical contracting business my only concern was if I would have enough work.

I concentrated on providing my clients with a first class service at a fair and competitive price and within three years I had seven guys working for me, this is when I started to encounter problems I didn’t anticipate.

I was experiencing a high demand for my services and did not have the systems in place to deal with them, this resulted in me losing out on potential business and becoming very stressed about my business, the biggest stress was I had money coming in and going out but had no visibility of what my company was earning and where our biggest expenses lied.

I was recommended the services of Alison Warner from Evolve and Grow coaching and from our first meeting I knew my company and I would benefit hugely from the expertise Alison could provide.

During the program of 1-2-1 meetings, a range of systems was set up bespoke for me and my business and it has helped in more ways than I anticipated, my relationships with my clients have improved as I have time to concentrate on their individual needs and the quality of service my guys provide has increased due to improved mentoring and training set up.

Most importantly I now have complete visibility of the company finances and how they can be improved.

I would highly recommend Alison to any company providing trade services to increase organisation, customer satisfaction, turnover and most importantly profit.

Mark Lydon  


In December we recruited our first salaried employee, which was a hugely motivating experience for me.

Prior to this, I worked with Alison to ensure that when any employee starts with us, they are going to flourish and we did this in 3 parts by;

1. Documenting our company values so that all of our team members clearly understand and work to the same standards that we have always worked to.

2. Compiling a detailed job description with complete clarity on expectations.

3. Completed a competency framework which links both the job description and our company values

I have always wanted any new member of staff to come to work feeling proud of Make Me Local and a key way to do this is making sure that they have a clear understanding of their job but to also be committed to the same morals and ethics that we hold.

Having completed these 3 projects with Alison, and now having implemented them with my new employee, I can say how delighted I am with the result.

Even though we are a small company, I know that my team are working in an environment that many blue-chip companies could only wish for and there is no way that I could have done this on my own.

Thank you Alison, you and your team have been amazing through this project and have given me the foundations to now take my company to the next level.

Yours sincerely,

Nathan Kelsey

I was referred to Alison Warner of Evolve and Grow Coaching by Gail Gulvin. I wasn’t sure what to expect form business coaching but have found a brilliant way of keeping focused on growing by business by implementing the strategies that Alison teaches.

My work is very specialised but that does not seem to phase Alison, she seems to understand immediately what I am trying to achieve and addresses the ideas accordingly.

My sessions with Alison are stimulating and enjoyable and I always leave feeling motivated and buzzing with ideas.
I can’t recommend Alison highly enough!

Denise TiranExpectancy

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Although Alison has other businesses in the mentor group that I have been part of for the last year, she always takes the time to stay current and focused on the specifics of what is happening in my life and practice. She not only gives me strategies for changing old habits, but constructively challenges my preconceptions so that I see the value and productiveness of new approaches to running Printingprogress, client relations and marketing. Alison is just as open to change as she expects me to be, and if certain strategies do not fit my circumstances or personal strengths, she works with me to develop ones that do fit. Alison stays in my corner, but never tells me only what I want to hear and I really value her insight and personal attention.

It goes without saying that I would recommend Alison and I can’t think of one professional that doesn’t need a coach.

Louise McIntosh Printingprogress ltd

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I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and praise the LinkedIn workshop I attended in April. The full turnout not only meant that I met some wonderful people, but showed your professionalism in running this highly recommended workshop without any delays, making sur you covered everything AND answering the deluge of questions from delegates along the way.

The wonderful thing about this workshop is that it’s completely hands on and that is allowed me to make changes to my profile there and then. The best part is that within a week, my profile ranking had shop up from an average of 160th to a respectable 40th, which clearly shows that more people are viewing my profile than ever before.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone who hasn’t been on this workshop to book themselves in on the next one!

Manish VadukulManish_Vadukul-640

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Anybody who is reading this testimonial is interested in developing and growing their business.
I have been seeing Alison for the past year and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Why I chose Alison over other business coaches was due to her impressive training and experience. Over the years she has been in great demand for her coaching by big companies such as Pizza Express as well as having profound positive influences on numerous small companies. She travels the world to attend the right courses. She is both passionate and knowledgeable about the work she does. She also helps people in deprived countries to learn and develop their own business skills free of charge.

She is easy to talk to and is genuinely interested in helping you develop. She listens and makes sure she understands your business needs. Her investment in her training means she always has more to offer. She is organised, setting targets and goals to create a reality out of your vision.

If after all I have said you are not contacting Alison question yourself as to your commercial motivation, do you really want to grow and develop your business? I do and have with Alison.


Denise CallaghanDenise_Callaghan

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Whilst being a long established and effective small charity, ChildAid needs to be, and is, run in the same manner as any business – with constant review and upgrading of its financial disciplines, strategic planning and programmes for growth and diversity in its marketing.

We are now coming to the close of a year long business mentoring programme run by Alison at Evolve & Grow where we have sat alongside 3 other small businesses.  This has proven to be a very effective and informative process where we have all shared our ongoing blockages to growth and development and bouncing ideas off each other.

Most importantly we have been led by Alison who has openly shared a wide range of ideas and strategies to prompt us into how to overcome specific bottlenecks in our businesses and to move us forward operationally, strategically and financially.

I am indebted to Alison for her enthusiasm and expertise and highly recommend her as a business coach who can make your business evolve and grow

Martin WilcoxChildAid

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I am new to the world of running my own business. Having worked in the corporate world for the last 20 years, I needed someone to help me make good decisions at the start of my journey. The purpose of this testimonial is to say that Alison is most definitely that person.

Since I started my business, essentially I was a busy fool. What Alison has done is help me understand the process I follow within my company so that I can now focus on the task in hand, without trying to do everything at once. This has enabled me to spend more time on key aspects of my company, such as generating new sales and looking at my costs.

Additionally, Alison has helped me define and extend my product range, so now I have a suitable product available for the different types of business I meet.

In the short period of time that we have worked together, I have already recouped my investment and I look forward to a long term relationship with Evolve and Grow.

On top of all this, Alison is a lovely lady who I really enjoy spending time with. When you are opening your soul to someone, it is important that you trust them for it to be effective. As soon as I met Alison, I knew that she would make a difference to my businesses, and I was not wrong.

Yours sincerely,

Nathan KelseyMake Me Local

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I recently attended a course run by Alison Warner from Evolve and Grow Coaching on LinkedIn.
Alison’s course was very interactive and practical rather that purely theory, which I think made us learn more as we went through the day.

She is very thorough when explaining the basics and will helpfully explain until you grasp the concept. Tips and tricks were picked up on the day and a plan on how and why to use LinkedIn.

Great mix of attendees on the day who all ran their own businesses.

Angela Spiteri

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“We work by taking the tried and trusted processes used by large, successful corporations and implementing them in a practical way that suits small-to-medium-sized Trade businesses. Our solutions must deliver financial return for our clients for us to feel satisfied that we’ve achieved our aim.”

— Alison Warner

alison warner



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