If you are clever you can build an army of customers who are so thrilled with the service you provide that they just can’t stop telling people how good you are. But to do that you need to give them more than they expect. So, here are our top tips for making this a reality:

High standards

  • Look at every ‘touchpoint’ in the customer experience and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What would wow you?
  • In my book, Build and Grow: How To Go From Tradesperson To Managing Director In The Construction and Trades Industries, I talk about the customer experience bell curve. We tend to remember our bottom 10% of experiences and the top 20%, because they touch us emotionally. The middle 70% pale into insignificance. So don’t be insignificant! Or in the bottom 10%!
  • Which company is in your bottom 10% of experiences? And why?
  • And which company makes your top 20%? Again, why?
  • Where would you say your customer experience currently sits? Be honest! What needs to improve? How would you do this? Who would need to up their game? When are you going to do this?

The Customer Journey

  • Map out your customer journey – everything the customer experiences from the point of enquiry to completion of the job
  • This will identify any blockages or bottlenecks and where processes are missing
  • Then you can identify solutions
  • Think of the customer journey being like a sausage machine, it’s all about getting them through as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

What gets measured gets done

  • Find out what people want
  • Find out how you are measuring up to this
  • Are there any other services or products customers want that you are not currently offering?
  • All of this can be determined using a free Survey Monkey survey
  • Make it part of your process to make sure you keep on track

If you’d like to explore making raving fans of your customers a little more then click here to watch a recording of my webinar on the topic. And we’d love to hear about the ways you go above and beyond for your customers – whether it’s remembering their birthdays or providing them with tips and hints to help grow their business from the goodness of your heart:) So please do email us with your success stories.