If you’re a manager, then you’ll understand that maintaining adequate levels of employee engagement is both crucial, and challenging. If you keep your employees engaged, then they are likely to be more productive, and they will be more focused and able to concentrate.

Working out methods of improving or refining your employee engagement can be tough. Here are nine ideas you can try if you are looking for employee engagement activities.

1 – Get your employees involved in the planning process

No one likes to work in an environment where they feel ignored. When it comes to planning the future progress of your business, listen to what your employees have to say, and encourage them to say their piece.

2 – Be creative to encourage the sharing of knowledge

Your staff will have skills, but if the knowledge and ‘how tos’ of those skills are not recorded somewhere, they cannot easily be shared and if a skilful employee leaves, the skills are lost too. Think of creative ways you can get your staff to share and record what they know.

3 – Be open about your financial situation

People like to feel safe in their jobs – particularly in these ‘austerity’ times. If you are open about the financial performance of your company, you’ll create a sense of trust within your staff.

4 – Encourage employees to educate themselves

Learning is a lifelong process, and your business should always encourage your employees to keep their skill-set up to date, and to learn new, beneficial skills. Most people like to feel they are improving as employees, and your company will benefit as a result.

5 – Run ‘mildly competitive’ team bonding events

Work does not have to be boring! Taking the time to set up competitive but fun challenges that will see your employees work better as a team.

6 – Keep the news flowing

Keep communication high upon your priority list. Your employees will want to know about forthcoming challenges, or new opportunities. Try and get together a regular newsletter, or a notice board that is regularly updated.

7 – Give your employees a voice

Communication, or course, is not all one way. You could gather together a team of your employees to create a regular staff magazine. Make sure it’s as fun as it is corporate – include fun items such as crosswords and puzzles among the news.

8 – Encourage employees to define their own career paths

Encourage your staff to design and take charge of their career paths, instead of simply relying on your company or yourself. Members of your staff should take the initiative and set their own career goals.

9 – Be charitable

Make sure your company gets involved in charity events, and makes a contribution to the local community. Not only will it give your brand a positive image, your employees will be proud to be associated with a company that does its bit for charitable causes.

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