Even once you’ve recruited the very best in employees, it’s not necessarily the best policy to simply leave them to get on with their new role. The business world is an ever-changing one, fuelled by new technologies, new communication channels and evolving customer expectations. It’s also one in which companies who are content to stand still, tend to quickly get left behind.

That why here at Recruit & Retain we’ve developed the tools, systems and structures to support the development of your workforce, at all levels from entry to leadership. We’ve a number of off-the-shelf and bespoke programmes that are designed to provide you with precisely the right solution to meet your needs.

With our expert help, you’ll be able to nurture and accelerate the development of your employees to their full potential.

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What do our development services entail?

Leadership & Management development programme – focused on supporting those who are new to management or who are looking to develop their skills. It consists of 6 half day workshops covering the following subjects:

Managing performance

How to conduct a meaningful 121, give positive and constructive feedback and set meaningful measurable targets to drive performance.

leadership development

Developing others

Learn how to develop others through developing one’s own coaching skills. The Strengths philosophy is used as a framework, focusing on playing more to our strengths than trying to fix weakness.

leadership development programme

Challenging conversations

We explore what prevents us from having ‘difficult conversations’ and then learn new skills to deal with them confidently and productively. Delegates will have a framework to follow, and the opportunity to practice using live examples.

management development

Motivating a team

Delegates will learn about recent research conducted by neuroscientists, and thus identify which of their actions could be a ‘threat’ to motivating their people and a ‘driver’.

leadership and management development

Effective communication

Are you getting your message across clearly? We go through different communication techniques, and how to tailor it to different types of individuals.

staff development company

Time Management

Time is a very precious commodity when it comes to building a successful business. We’ll help you to get the most of the time you have available through planning, prioritising and effective delegation.

leadership development

Personal development plans *

Learn how to develop your own talents, and how to develop the talents of the people who are responsible to you. We provide you with the framework, tools and training to fully embed this is to your organisation.

leadership development programme

Appraisals *

We can design and implement a whole appraisal system for your business, and train line managers in the best way to conduct an appraisal. Learn how to provide valuable feedback that will aid a person’s development and set meaningful targets for the following year.

management development

* The Leadership and Development Programme is one programme consisting of 6 modules, which are the first 6 listed above, however the Personal Development Plans and the Appraisal training are stand-alone modules which can be completed in isolation if required.

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“We work by taking the tried and trusted processes used by large, successful corporations and implementing them in a practical way that suits small-to-medium-sized Trade businesses. Our solutions must deliver financial return for our clients for us to feel satisfied that we’ve achieved our aim.”

— Alison Warner

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One of our core principles is to make a sustainable impact to communities in need. We support several charities in the developing world and as our business grows so does that level of support. We do this via financial donations and by passing on skills and knowledge to generate greater independence.

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